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Updated: Feb 8

While many visit this historical UNESCO heritage site for its magnificent temples that glisten under the sun, and strong Buddhist culture, the allure of Luang Prabang lies in its quiet alleyways. Although it looks like a sleepy town from the outside, wander into the city’s many unpaved areas, and you will discover beautiful hidden restaurants completely overlooked by unsuspecting tourists.

Manda de Laos

Turning in from the main Phothisalath Road and onto an unpaved road, will lead you to a humble storefront with the words “Manda de Laos.” Don’t let that fool you. Step in past the hanging lanterns, and the view will take your breath away.

The lotus pond that cuts through Manda de Laos was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995 — making it the perfect setting for a romantic evening. (Image credit: Manda de Laos)

Manda de Laos is the perfect restaurant for a romantic evening in a mystical setting, with tables set around a beautiful lotus pond and surrounded by lush palm trees lit up by fairy lights. This is exactly the type of restaurant you want to tell the whole world about but at the same time keep it your little secret. And right now, we are conflicted.

Neam Khao, a Laotian crunchy rice salad. (Image credit: Manda de Laos)

Manda de Laos specialises in a blend of traditional Lao delicacies with French flavours. Try the Neam Khao, a Laotian crunchy rice salad, or the wok-fried buffalo flambéed — accompanied by a glass of Lao Lao Whisky. The crème brûlée is also surprisingly delicious, rivalling its Parisian counterparts.

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